Academic Lecturing and Teaching
SINCE 1995

Dr. Donn started his teaching career through the persuasion of Dr. Patricia Attachariya, then a chairwoman of General Management department, Faculty of Business Administration, Assumption University from where he graduated.  Acting out of an intention to contribute his knowledge learned from overseas, he has been actively lecturing loyally at Assumption University to date and has been invited to contribute in various departments within the Martin De Tous School of Business Administration.  He has been highly regarded by his students, given his unique styles of hands-on lecturing and participative requirements.  His focuses have been in the areas of Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management and Innovation and Technology Management.  He is one of the most respected and beloved lecturers at Assumption University, as rated by students and peers alike.  Given his consulting career, his international exposure, his applied knowledge to the industrial works, Dr. Donn teaches with facts learned from his more than a decade of working with high ranking professionals at home and abroad across the industries and functions and this is a bonus to all students studying with him; the fact that makes him one of the more applicable/tangible professors who combine theories with applications in lectures successfully.

International Entrepreneurial Branding, Coaching, Consulting and Training
Dr. Donn is a great consultant on areas near to his own personal experiences; family businesses and SMEs.  He focuses on branding aspiring entreprenuers to be authentic and capable of strategically managing their own lives from all aspects before they can embark on managing corporations.  His focus is on individuality and authenticity and therefore personal branding and image management are his core competencies to overhaul aspiring individuals.   Dr. Donn voices his beliefs that if one cannot be satisfied with oneself, how can one expects others' respect and appreciation.  Self esteem, values, beliefs, passions are all parts of inner parts that Dr. Donn touches on very seriously to drive the best out of his understudies.  He is keen on family heritage conservation, family values, and family run businesses and extract good values from these businesses and train the next generations to become entrepreneurial and be equipped with the right mind sets to move their businesses forward into th modern competitive world.  Coaching with the uses of NLP and Hypnotheray is also a part of the process as these tools assist in changing how the nervous systems process data which is linked to the minds.  Dr. Donn 's ways cover psychology, philosophy, religious beliefs, societal and mental forces, to help his understudying entrepreneurs be in love with themselves first and foremost and only then become the best helpful contributing entrepreneurs to the world.

Blogs and Posts by Dr. Donn
Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Dr. Donn 's various encounters on good inspirational writings are posted on his facebook and/or twitter.  He also composes short essays and points of views on various contemporary issues, mainly emphasizing on thoughts of life, self improvement, viewpoints, self and the world, happiness, self respect, self esteem, past and guilt elimination, entrepreneurial spirit.  His style of writing is fairly unique and individualised.  The purpose of his sharing his thoughts on writing is to contribute to the society and world at large to think about issues dear and near and to self actualize through good thoughts, good visions, good values, good deeds and good lives benefitting society, nations and the world, now and beyond.