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Buddhism Vipassana & Maha Sanghika Dana

Rich or poor, successful or failing, famous or unknown, capable or handicapped, we are all under one same struggle for happiness and truths of purpose of life.   Dr. Donn was lucky to be born in a country where buddhism is a religion by birth and by tradition for the majority, but later on he reaffirmed himself that buddhism is also his BY CHOICE religion.  When confused and unhappy, he turned to serious studies on and practices of buddhism and he discovered what taught by the lord buddha are so similar to modern day's NLP, Psychology, Philosophy, and Methaphysics but the lord buddha just discovered these facts 2500 years or so ago thus the language was suitable for the people of that time yet the content of the teachings is infinitely modern and applicable universally.  Contributing by offering and meditation sponsorship is a pleasant duty of a good buddhist as this helps sustain the teachings of buddhism to benefit the many lost and searching souls to discover happiness in this life time should they seek wisdoms in Dhamma; facts of life and of nature.

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Plan International

Possibilities and potentials of one's life are usually defined during the first few years of a person.  Not all kids are lucky to be born within perfect environments where they could be nurtured to reach their greatest potentials. On the contrary, many kids roam this world with pains introduced to their innocent hearts and minds through the circumstances surrounding them; be it their physical, environmental, social, mental, economic shortages and disabilities.  Joining Plan International and contributing to the well being of these kids and women is a blessing for Dr. Donn. He can participate with Plan Hong Kong, Plan India, Plan Australia, Plan Canada, Plan USA, Plan Europe, and many other offices to join them contribute on regular basis to what in need in their regions. There are so many needs out there where we as individuals can do so little as a person. However, by joining others to make this happen, we can collectively make it happen for the needy and see young kids being provided with rights and opportunities to grow up and live their lives in best ways possible to them.

Being born and growing up in a developing countries forty odd years ago, Dr. Donn was still able to witness what being poor looks like.  Witnessing people being contracted with widespread diseases without medications, being deprived of drinking water, lacking food, lacking shelter, lacking education, lacking clothing, lacking all the basics that could be possibly thought of, he questioned himself times and again what he can possibly complain about his life.  Would it be better to turn his energy towards doing what he can possibly do best given his ability and capability and then contribute to those vulnerable and helpless who is totally dependant on helps given their circumstances beyond their control. UNICEF is where he participates actively as he trusts that his contributions can reach the most inaccessible areas where could be forgotten by the rest of the world through their infrastructure and network. It is a great joy to be a part of UNICEF effort as once born we should all be entitled to the basics of life and UNICEF is doing its best attain this mission.

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 Living in a country bordered by countries suffering from wars and intra-nation political differences, Dr. Donn was lucky to be old enough to witness on media during the time boat people, running crying kids, bombed houses, burnt fields, gunshots, and refugee camps.  If you weren’t made a homeless overnight by your own countrymen, you would not know how it felt to be separated from your families and to sleep in camps in another country's territory where you didn’t belong to.  People longed and wished to be relocated, dreaming and looking forward to a new life where possible, at the mercy of any nations that would  be kind enough to accept them, at times having to leave their families behind due to regulations set and deemed as best by the host nations. Being at a mercy of anyone or anything is not a great experience and Dr. Donn has got the chance to understand that through UNHCR he can contribute to help refugee under a proper plan and systematic networking. It is a great joy to see people are sheltered and finally belong to somewhere and can start a new life.

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