Institutes Participated

First NLP Training and Certification
 His life was completely changed when Dr. Donn ran into Ms Dhitinart Na Pattalung who has opened his eyes and allowed him to get a complete overhaul of himself through NLP techniques learned from her. Ms. Dhitinart is a certified trainer trained by Mr. Richard Bandler, the founder of The Society of NLP and the NLP Guru. It has changed everything in his life and moved him to a totally new dimension. He is grateful that he has got the opportunity to study NLP to learn to be responsible for life

National Federation of NLP
His interest in NLP has brought Dr. Donn to meet Dr. Wil Horton, the founder of NFNLP with whom he had studied his specialised NLP techniques such as Hypno-Addcitionolgy, NLP Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP&Spiritualiy, NLP for Sports and Performance Improvement. It was a great period in his life totally engrossed in NLP and its contributions to many areas of life that could be improved through intended desires to take charge of one's life and excel. NLP later helps him to help others.

Hypnosis New Zealand
Hypnotherapy was one of the techniques that got Dr. Donn to wake up and admit his past, understand it and live with it and move on with his life. It has cleared many knotted memories which have had lasting effects on what he does, good or bad. Once understood, he can let go and move on. So this prompted to him to learn more. Mr. Boddington who taught him is a great man and he loves his writing.
He learned so much on suggestive induction which he uses later to help many to free from the past.

Compass NLP and Life Coach
Dr. Donn is a member of Compass Life Coach of Thailand and a student of Compass NLP, taking Happiness and Succes Trance Class, Practitioner NLP, and Wealth NLP with his mentor, Ms. Dhitinart Na Pattalung. Compass Life Coach is a non profit organization comprising of certified students turned coaches and aims to collectively build a happy society through the use of activities based on NLP techniques. Events jointly held with Bangkok Governor are scheduled regularly free of charge. 

Reach Personal Branding
To discover who he really is, a part of the process is to extract who he is. Reach Personal Branding was where Dr. Donn learnt how to extract, express and exude his unique promises of value to others. He learned how to discover what good unique invaluable about himself, turn them into competitive advantages and use them to contribute to others. It has given him an identity in a more concrete and more tangible level. He is proud of who he is and able to contribute to others via his assets.

The Image Maker 
Dr. Donn received close and followed up training on crucial image management topics from Dr. Joyce Knudsen, enabling him to develop his skills on Wardrobe for executives, Business development, Business Strategic Planning, Business Etiquette, Business Marketing, Business Consulting, Speech Presentation, Seminar production, Voice, Diction, Branding and Image Overhaul to benefit professional successes.