Leadership Addendum

Current active professional involvements of Dr. Donn include Supply Chain Management of premium consumable products and fashion; Coaching/Branding/Consulting of International Entrepreneurs; Strategic Management of a Rice Mill specializing in International renown Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice. He is also active in academic lectures at various international universities.

Baxter Brenton Corporation
Scope of Activities: sourcing, supply chain managing, merchandizing, packaging, value adding quality assuring, distributing, exporting, branding.
Products: premium organic, ethnic, exotic, herbal, traditional, cultural, healthful, rare, unique produce and other edible.  Lifestyle Fashion.

Geogrpahical Coverage: Thailand, AEC (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore)

Market Destinations: Global focusing on GCC nations, South Africa, Subcontinents, AEC itself, Australasia, Central and South America, Europe

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Baxter Brenton Coaching and Consulting
Scope of Activities:   Executive coaching, corporate consulting, personal branding, strategic planning, family business long term succession planning, entrepreneurship mentoring, executive image consulting, self development and improvement through philosophical and religious appreciation, SME business modeling

Market Targets:   Aspiring International Entrepreneurs committed to sustainable development, quality-oriented, and interested in professional growth.

Geographical Coverage:   Thailand and International

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Baxter Brenton Produce 
Scope of Activities: Rice Milling, Procuring, Sourcing, Inventorying, Quality Controlling, Marketing.
Products: White and Brown Jasmine Fragant Rice of Thailand from one of the premium sources by location in Surin, the famous fragant rice producer province of Thailand
Market Targets: Local Distribution, Exporters, Government


AS Kids
An educational and development company focusing on child development, operating under the license of KiDO. KiDO is an Educare centre that seeks to aid children in their development through a combination of learning and structured play.

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Adler Group
Real estate and land development company. This section of the business operates within the building and property market. We are interested in all aspects of real estate and land development, including the development of character properties for continued use, new buildings such as industrial, commercial and residential properties. These will then be available for sale or lease, or for use within our own business. 

Our previous developments include Le Leela Hotel Phnom Penh, Le Leela Hotel Vientiane, and Baxter Brenton Phuket Residence.

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