Academy Attended

Assumption College
Dr. Donn spent hisprimary and secondary schools here... years full of curiosity and development. The school was ranked one of the better ones for commercial people sending their offsprings to better schooling. Run by the Brothers of St Gabriel from France, the system and philosophy are different and mold students into great directions. Years well spent and he remembered getting an honour from the school which he was not so sure how he did it but he got one or two during those years.

AFS to Adelaide South Australia
Dr. Donn won a scholarship to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, through AFS. He spent unforgetable time with his host family,  Dr Beresford and Dr. Margaret Stock, prominent professionals who had openned his eyes through growing up learning procedures in a differet culture and showing him that life is not all about doing business. They taught him to appreciate what he acheived.

Marion High School, S. Australia
Dr. Donn spent great educational time at Marion High School studying with western students for the first time in his life. He learnt to adapt and assimilate himself the most during schooling, discovering himself, developing his language and communication skills. He graduated and matriculated with merits and honours from Marion High School, displaying academic execllence as a few asian during that time in a totally Aussie environment.

Assumption University
When Dr. Donn joined, the University was named ABAC, Assumption Business Administration College, the 1st international university in Thailand teaching in English, and since then it has grown to become one of the leading institutions in South East Asia with students from all over the world. He returned to AU 17 years ago to start his teaching career as a way of contributing to the institution where he learned everything about business for the first time and discovered his passion for teaching.

George Washington University, DC USA
Dr. Donn loves GW. city campus, in the middle of the city where the President of one of the most powerful nations resides in and works, Washington DC. Beautiful City, good faculty, exciting life styles, excellent facilities. He enjoyed his years in DC, a very scnenic city. America has taught him in many ways, freedom, liberty, identity, choices, opportunity. But one thing he did not quite enjoy at GW was that he missed one A in his MBA and so ended up graduating GPA 3.90; what a miss.

Now a part of University of Manchester, fully and offically. When Dr. Donn was there, it was still called University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology UMIST. He loved the building where he attended his classes and spent time doing his dissertation. Classic English old building which he got lost all the time in the walkways. He had a great time there learning science for the first time after a business degree and no background in scientific subjects at all; a challenging year.

University of Manchester
For the first time Dr. Donn stayed in a dorm and where else but in Manchester attending University of Manchester. He loved this city, loved the English people, loved his sausage and baked beans breakfast (then, before he converted himself into an oriental vegetarian following the teaching of mahayana buddhism). He graudated with good scores but still remembering the English Exam system that he did nothing for one month preparing for the comprehensive exam.

Paris School of Bussiness
Dr. Donn is very happy and grateful for his admissions to Paris School of Business. Where else could be as exciting as Paris to study Executive Doctorate of Business Administration. He loves Paris and there needs not any testimonial on how great working and studying in Paris could be. He is grateful for Prof Dr. Jousse Roussel , Dean of EDBA at PSB to have provided him with Merit Scholarship on the ground of his previous excellent academic records and work achievements to date.