Personal Ultimate Goals
​A very successful and respectful entrepreneur; being both a merchant and an academic, who integrates commercial and educational knowledge to create quality and affordable premium products and services that are beneficial to sustainable development and well being of the world and its population.​

Personal Vision
A peaceful world where aspiring entrepreneurs have the freedom and wisdom to contribute to sustainable development at both personal and societal levels.

Personal Purpose
To generate platforms - entrepreneurial and academic- in order for consumers to have greater enjoyment, both physical and spiritual, from international premium products, services, and education/training.
Personal Value
Individuality, Inspiration, Invincibility, Impeccability, Inventiveness, and In Vouge

Personal Brand Personas

Truther Teller :       who is sincere, honest, ethical, just and reliable.  

Visionary :             who is future oriented, big picture oriented, idea oriented, strategic and 

Expert :                  who is bright, intelligent and brilliant.                                                    

Structurer :             who is organized, systematic, methodical, neat and analytical. 

World Citizen :       who is interested in different parts of the world, having affinity for people and things coming from other regions and cultures.

Mover :                  who is energetic, dynamic, change-oriented.                                        

Self Starter :          who is full of self drive, proactive, self motivated and self directed.             

Believer :               who is religious, traditional, faithful in things larger than self.

Optimist :               who is positive, pontential, with can-do mentality.

Peronal Passions

Profesional:  Trading, Merchandising, Supply Chain Managing, Strategic Planning, Value adding-Reinventing-Recycling Resources.
Educational: Teaching, Training, Coaching, Consulting.
Spiritual:       Self Improvent and Development through Religion,Psychology, Philosophy, 
Nuero Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy.
Social:          Zen, Simplicity, Sufficiency, Freedom, Wisdom, Contribution, Peaceful Slow Life Style.
Commercial: Consumable Natural Organic Agricultural Produce, Fashion, Hospitality Industry, Education Industry, Food & Beverage.
Personal:      Internationalism, Travel, Ethnicity, Culture and Tradition, Heritage, Vintage, Period Architecture, Conservation.