Career Highlights

- Merit of efficiently developing an efficient team from a traditional organizational environmen thereby enhancing competitiveness of plant design group

- Essayed a key role in successfully negotiating, establishing as well as operating multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Hong Kong

- Appreciated and recognized for attaining special achievements in field of international and domestic marketing

- Entrusted with the responsibility of leading the development of a ten year strategic transformation plan at the business unit level and thereafter handling business diversification and international market expansion

- Pivotal in establishing distribution network with customers in USA, EU, Australasia, South Africa, Japan and Middle East, forming a strategic contracted supply chains on long term collaborations

- Efficiently developed new strategic business units diversifying into new industries ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, food and beverages, education, coaching and consulting sectors

- Successfully negotiated multimillion dollar projects for production plant turnkey project in Indo China

- Implemented 5S, ISO, TQC, TQM, TPM, QCC and all other management systems to improve the company's efficiencies and productivities

- Introduced Balance Scorecard and KPI systems as a aprt of corporate control and performance measures

- Recognized as the top ranked senior lecturers measured and voted by students of Bachelor and Master programs

Attributes and Competencies

Personal Attributes: 
authentic, active, generous, global, knowledgeable, optimistic and spiritual.

Individual Competencies:
leading, systematizing, developing, training, visioning, inspiring, resourcing, expressing, relating and solving.

Industrial Core Competencies:
- Strategic Sales & Marketing
- Supply Chain Management
- Executive Negotiations
- Analytics & Problem Solving
- Facility Establishment & Operations
- Key Account Acquisition & Retention
- Customer Relationship Management
- Distribution & Channel Partnerships
- Entrepreneurship
- Cross-Functional Leadership
- Budgeting & Planning
- Mentoring / Teaching

​Extra Curricular Vocational Distinction

Professional Certifications:
- Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming
- Certified NLP Coach
- Certified Hy​pnotherapy practitioner
- Certified Personal Branding Strategist
- Certified Executive Image Consultant
- Gained expertise in PC software applications including MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Lotus Notes, Lotus 1-2-3, Axum, Freelance, MS PowerPoint

Professional Training Accomplished:
- Leadership Excellence Programme
- 5S
- Budgeting
- Balance Score Cards, KPI
- ERP and DRP
- Project Management
- Strategic Supply Chain Management