International Entrepreneur - Merc​hant - Academic - Executive Strategic Coach - Executive Personal Brander - Executive Image Co​nsultant - Performance Hypnotherapist​

Dr. Donn Pjongluck teaches entrepreneurs how to use their individual talents and belief systems to create premium products and services that are beneficial to the well-being of the world population.  As an executive coach and academic, he collaborates with fellow entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business or transforming a family run business into a sustainable and successful operation.

Dr. Donn 's clients are inspired by his individualistic and international approach to creating a business and lifestyle that aligns with who he is.  Passionate about self-improvement, global commerce, being in vogue, zen and premium organic consumable products, he has translated his 17-year background in international trade into his current entrepreneur training and organic food businesses.  He loves sourcing and adding value-making unknown products available to people through his skills in merchandizing, supply chain development and people development.

As the first Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist in Thailand, Dr. Donn supports companies and individual SMEs in determining and communicating their differentiation in a way that attracts international business.  With his impeccable taste and fashion industry experience, he consults on helping brands command premium status with effective packaging and positioning in the marketplace.  Because branding is grounded in authenticity, Dr. Donn's work on entrepreneurial freedom also touches on achieving day-to-day peace of mind and leaving a positive legacy.

A senior lecturer for 17 years in the subjects of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation Management, and Project Feasibility Management, Dr. Donn holds international distinctive academia records entailing B.B.A, M.B.A, M.Sc.  He is an alumnus of Univeristy of Manchester (England, UK) and George Washington University (D.C., USA) and is now working on his E.D.B.A at  Paris School of Business (Paris, France).  Being certified by internationally accredited specialists around the world, Dr. Donn works as a Master NLP practitioner, an NLP coach, a performance hypnotherapist, an executive image consultant.  

An entrepreneur and a senior international business development professional, Dr. Donn is a dynamic ISO, 5S, TQM certified Business Development Professional with over 18 year's track record of surpassing multimillion dollar sales quotas within highly competitive markets.  

He is deft at aggressively identifying opportunities, development focus, and providing tacticial business solutions.  He has acquired excellent administrative and unique writing skills along with effective personalised teaching methods that promote stimulating learning environments.  

Dr. Donn possesses an ability to successfully work under tight schedules and deadlines.  He is an exceptional business communicator with a consultative sales style, with key account management skills and exceptional problem-solving abilities.